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Ganraj Raingun

Our farmers have to depend on the monsoon season to irrigate their agriculture land, which due to it’s own characteristics sometimes leads to drought or floods underground water sources being in limited quantity, it is not possible to irrigate our cultivable land by traditional flood irrigation system as more than 50% of water lost due to seepage, evaporation hampering our efforts to gets best results.

Shree Datt Plastic Industries ensures the application of specific amount of water to crops at a pre-determined rate which is most suited & best calculated by agronomists in different condition. This is done by the use of rotating sprinklers placed on best quality ISI marked ‘Ganraj Brand HDPE Pipes which are light in weight, portable & are provided with quick action couplers for easy & quick handling ‘Ganraj” Sprinklers increases the efficiency of Farmers on jobs & saves water up to 50 %.

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The system is designed considering the corps grown, availability of water, soil, temp., humidity ‘Ganraj’ Sprinkler Irrigation system can effectively be used on almost all the corps.

Salient feature of Ganraj Sprinkler System
  • All coupler fittings are made of high density polyethylene from suitable HDPE granules to match the pipes.
  • Each coupler fitting are fitted with mixtures, which make an effective leak proof joints.
  • With highest quality stainless steel spring extrudes brass nozzles for long life.
  • All the items are designed to work at predetermined operations pressure.
  • The pipe is strong, stress resistance last long as they are not affected by climatic conditions.
  • The pipe have haver friction losses so same pump can cover more length.