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Quality Control

Company followes following methods for checking quality of product as per Indian Standard IS-4985, IS-4984, IS- 14151 (Part -2), IS-12786, IS-13487.

Row material Testing

When we received raw material, first we checked quantity and packing. As per our order or not. after that, we take randomly sample of raw material and test in laboratory as per IS specification .test like Melt flow, Density, etc. and checked our result with specified in standard, if they meets the requirements then material send to production hall. If not, send back to supplier.

In process testing of product

In this stage we check the quality of the product that is dimension as per the IS: specification by using various measuring apparatus like venire clipper, screw gauge, PI Tape, Weighing balance etc.

Final Testing.

In this step we used IS specification as,

  • 4984 for HDPE
  • 4985 for UPVC
  • 14151 for Sprinkler ( part – 2 )
  • 12786 for lateral vi.13487 for emitter