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Ganraj PLB Duct
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Shree Datt Plastic Industries develop the new types of pipe use in Telecom IT infrastructure upgradation from metal cable to optical fiber.Name as ‘Ganraj’ PLB pipe use for ducting optical fiber cable. Shree Datt Plastic Ind. Manufactures PLB HDPE telecom DVCT with the superior grade of high density polyethylene material. HDPE pipes manufactured will meet all the requirements of IS: 4984-1995.For lubrication SDPI use imported material from internationally reputed ISO-9002 companies, manufacturing a special lubricated compound from production of HDPE pipes conveying optical fiber cables with extremely low friction.

Properties of Lubricants
  • It is strongly locked in to HDPE material
  • It has same physical/ mechanical properties as HDPE except low coefficient of friction which is less than 006.
  • Is evenly distributed around the bore along the length of duct.
  • Ganraj Drip system operates at very low pressure.
  • It does not react with water, hence it is possible to clean the duct by water stream in case of any obstruction.
  • Applications
  • Ganraj PLB Duct are suitable for installation in the filed dirt treches , with in communication networks between communication centers between cities. .
  • They can also be use in branch networks between cells distribution cabinets, allowing the insertion of communication cable-optical or copper, as well as TV/Cable aluminum coaxial cable.
  • Cables can be inserted in through the pipe by blowing with an internal air pressure up to eight bars.
  • Underground communication networks utilize polyethylene pipes of various outside diameter 32, 40, 50 mm with varying thickness.