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Ganraj Drip Irrigation

Indian agriculture dependent upon limited natural water sources, which is unable to imitate entire cultivated land with tradition flood Irrigation system as more than 50% of total water is lost due to seepage, evaporation & percolation beyond the root zone of plants with traditional flood Irrigation our poor Farmer are able to irrigate only a past of their valuable cultivated land, limiting their income to a great extent, as the water level in the entire country goes down. It is time for the Farmer to adopt modern irrigation techniques in order to maximize irrigation area, agricultural produce & income by prayer agricultural Irrigation. Ganraj Drip Irrigation system provides exacts amount of water to root zone of plant at a pre-determined rate. Ganraj Drip Irrigation system includes ISI marked mainline, sub mainlines, integral Drip lines lateral, drippers is supported by wide range of fittings to suit all type of conditions resulting in to better life of ‘GANRAJ’ Drip Irrigation system .the whole system is operated through ISI marked GANRAJ screen/ Disc filter.

Characteristics of GANRAJ Drip system
  • Main line, submain line, laterals, driplines, dripper filters are ISI marked.
  • All components are made from the highest-grade virgin raw material.
  • System is supported to suit any given condition.
  • GANRAJ Drip system operates at very low pressure.
  • We provide excellent after sale service backed by qualified agronomists and sale Engineers.

  • Working of Ganraj Drip System

    Water is pumped in mainline through GANRAJ sand and screen filter. To apply fertilizer tank or ventury is connected to mainline is controlled by Heavy Duty ‘Ganraj’ Ball valve. Total area is divided in predetermined section where submain lines are laid for water to reach every corner. ‘Ganraj’ ISI marked lateral are connected to submain line with robust fitting while Ganraj ISI marked Drippers are connected to laterals near roots of plants. The system is controlled by Ganraj valves to minimize the labour cost for highest yield.

    Ganraj Inline Drip System

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    Shree Datt Plastic Ind. Introduces Inline emitting pipe system . This product confirms to Indian standards as per IS: 13408. This is integral ( built in ) emitting pipe. System in which the emitter are inserted in the lateral during the extrusion process at pre-set distance.

    Ganraj Online Drip System

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    Drippers are used for online drip irrigation system. Each of our Dripper is designed to suit difficult soil conditions, water needs of various crops, difficult water quality and numerous requirements of agriculture.

    Innovative design, precision molding, use of quality raw material and stringent quality tests are the key factors behind the sustainable and efficient performance of our online dripper for Drip Irrigation. inlet acts as a filter and colored cap represents flow rate and facilitates easy identification. Manufactured from virgin plastic for stable performance. These devices are UV stabilized and are able to withstand environmental effect. Recommended for orchards, fruit crops, vegetables, nurseries & flowers.

    Ganraj Flat Drip System

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    Flat Drip is a thin walled drip line used in drip irrigation. Flat Drip is made of Special grade polyethylene material. Being a flat tube it can be supplied on reels containing several thousand feet. The nominal diameter ranges from 12 to 20 mm. It can be used for surface and subsurface applications. Flat Drip are suitable for 2-3 seasons but can be used for longer period if used subsurface. Drip tape helps in reduction of initial investment of drip irrigation.

    Benefits of parasite Drip System
  • Ganraj Drip system (GDS) saves Water up to 70%
  • EGDS Irrigate large area than any other irrigation system.
  • Keeps moisture in the roots thus keeps the soil
  • This system saves tremendous 40-50% Labour electricity costs.
  • Any soluble fertilizer or pesticides can be given to plant directly by GANRAJ Drip system.
  • GDS is designed by qualified agronomists sales Engineers.
  • Applications :

    All field crops like sugarcane, cotton, straibery grapes , carnations, floriculture, banana, Pineapple, vegetables, tea gardens, green houses etc.

    Major Features
  • High clog resistance emitter designed with a unique wide turbulent flow path.
  • Large surface inlet screen orifice.
  • Easy to roll and unroll during inter-cultivating operation, thus reducing chances of mechanical damage, thus reducing chances of mechanical damage without losing drippers.
  • Uniform emission rate along the lateral.
  • Available in wide range of emitter spacing from 20 to 150 cm as per customer’s requirement.