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Ganraj HDPE Pipes

Shri Datta Plastic industries is one of the renowned manufacturers of HDPE Pipes. Continuous improvement in product and technology to give the customer maximum satisfaction is the sole aim of our company. Ganraj Pipes system is the most conventional and economic medium for conveying portable water, gases, chemicals for electrical and telecommunication ducting and sprinkler irrigation system duly ISI marked IS : 4984 and IS : 14 151 (Part II).


Ganraj Pipes are manufactured from HOSTALEN GM 2010-T2 and PILENE 1050-12 Polyethylence Granules containing carbon black (2.5 + 0.5%) and anti oxidants to protect the pipes against Ultra violet Rays and ageing on fully automatic extruders.

Special Features And Advantages

Ganraj Pipes are 6 to 8 times lighter than GI & CI Pipes. They are easy to carry resulting in reduction of transportationand handling cost. Ganraj HDPE pipes are available in 50 to 200 mtrs. Ganraj HDPE Pipes have very high impact strength. They are resistant to rough handling in land slides, soil movements, traffic loads and temperature upto 40oc. Ganraj Pipes's smooth surface from inside prevents harmful bacterial growth inside the pipes and make pumping easier and faster.

  • For drinking water supply.
  • For drainage system.
  • For spinkler irrigation system.
  • For telecom and electrical ducting.